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over 3 years ago

No Public Choice Award

Hey everyone,

We are sending out this announcement because there has been some misinterpretation. A few days ago, an automated announcement from Devpost was sent out that stated that "Public Voting" was starting and that there was going to be a "Public Choice Award". This is false because the only awards that we are going to award is "Best Challenges in the Future Project," "Best Challenges in Education Project," " Best Challenges in Communities Project," and "EchoAR Challenge." The only prize that the "Public Choice" award winner will recieve is recognition during our Closing Ceremony. 

We are very sorry for causing any confusion. We forgot to check the automated announcment before it was sent out. If you have any complaints or criticisms, please voice them on our Slack. We are more than happy to help you and solve any problems you may have.

Once again, see you June 1st,

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