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over 3 years ago

Teens Take On COVID Day TWO - We Have Some Great Opporunities For YOU!

...and we transition to DAY 2 of the Hackathon!

The first day went very successful, but if you missed the first day, don't worry! The links to the Opening Ceremony and the EchoAR Workshop are posted on Slack!

Moving forwards, today, we have some exciting opportunities for you! Infragistics has sponsored an awesome online session, for all of you guys to attend! 

"Livestream Session: Building Modular Apps for iOS and Android Using MVVM with Xamarin. Forms and Prism"

Join live at

As we think about what comes next, whether it is the short term or long term, any new applications will need to be scalable and optimized for mobile. Xamarin offers the ability to develop fully native apps for both iOS and Android, using a single shared codebase. To help you get started, we are providing this helpful virtual session!


Hope to see you there!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.