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over 3 years ago

More Important Information about Teens Take On COVID

Hey Everyone,

Some More Announcements:


  • Since we have partnered with IBM, you all will receive a lot of resources, mentorship, and support from IBM that will help you build your projects:
    • Mentor Support from IBM
    • COVID19 project starter kits using IBM services
    • An IBM Cloud account
  • Please check out everything above because it’s really helpful!



  • Since we have partnered with echoAR, there is a special AR/VR challenge for projects that use the echoAR platform. The winning project will receive:
    • A $50 Amazon Gift Card
    • 1 month Business Tier access to the echoAR platform
    • Feature in the echoAR newsletter
  • Please go check out echoAR and try to use AR/VR in your projects to be eligible for this. We will host an AR/VR workshop near the beginning of the hackathon for those interested!