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over 3 years ago

Important Information about Teens Take On COVID!

Hey everyone,

We are about a week away from the start of our hackathon! As we approach May 18th, we will be posting announcements regarding sponsors, teams, workshops, resources, and everything else you will need to now. Here’s some information:

  • New Sponsor - We have recently been sponsored by echoAR, a 3D-ready cloud platform that helps manage & deliver AR/VR content to apps & devices everywhere. EchoAR will provide to you all:
    • Free Business Access to their Platform
    • Workshop: Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less
    • Mentorship
    • A Challenge - Build an AR/VR App and possibly win a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Opening Ceremony - We plan to kickoff the Teens Take On COVID hackathon with a short opening ceremony on May 18th at 11 am CST on an online video platform. All participants can join in and watch us as we go over the hackathon details and have a cool SPECIAL GUEST presentation! Please fill out the form below:

Please notify us in the Slack or on the discussion forum if you have any questions,

The Teens Take On COVID Team