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over 3 years ago

Teens Take On COVID Announcement

Hey everyone,

Thank you for signing up for Teens Take On COVID! We’ve got over 50 participants in over a week, which is great! As we have two weeks left before the hackathon officially starts, we plan to share announcements, resources, and ideas that will guide you towards creating your project:

  • Sponsors: So far, we have gained three sponsors, Infragistics, Balsamiq, and IBM, who will provide resources to all participants and prizes to the selected winners. The prizes include cool swag, UI/UX development tools, and much more! 
  • Hackathon Project Submission Details: Please take a look at the focus areas and submission requirements on our devpost site. Along with having a project, you will need to create a short, 2 minute video demonstrating your project along with creating a file that has any information about your project that can help the judges, such as code, design elements, and so on.
  • Resources: Instead of holding workshops during the hackathon, we plan to release resources, provide mentors, and much more in order to facilitate your development process. We will release more information on this as we approach May 18th.
  • Upcoming Events: In order to kickoff the event, we plan to hold an opening ceremony for all of the participants. More details on this will be released as we approach May 18th.
  • Teams: For the good number of individual participants looking for team members, we highly encourage you all to reach out to each other and see if you want to work together. Just send a message through Slack in the teams channel if you are looking for a team. You can also send a direct message to other participants in order to communicate. Since one of our goals is to encourage teamwork among teen coders, we highly encourage you all to try to meet someone new.
  • Questions: If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on Slack or the discussion forum.


Once again, we are excited to see the many innovative and interesting projects you all will create! More announcements are guaranteed to come in the future, so stay alert.

Stay safe,

The Teens Take On COVID Team