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almost 4 years ago

Information on Submissions

Hey everyone,

Since there are only two more days left before submissions close, we highly encourage you to start your submission. Don’t forget these crucial steps when submitting:

Creating a 2 minute video on your project

  • It can be a presentation, demo, etc. Just make sure that it showcases your work.

Describing your project

  • When writing a description of your project, please include the purpose of your project, the technologies used, and the impact your project has or will have.

Filling out the custom form

  • Please be honest when entering the number of team members, your age, and the time you spent working on the project.

Attaching a link and/or files for your project

  • If your project contains code, please attach a link to a repository.
  • If your project included designs, please attach a link to that.

Other than that, good luck finishing your projects and we will continue to keep you updated. If you have any questions, make sure to ask them on the Slack.

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